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  • June 23, 2021 7:28 PM | Mangaya Sivagnanam (Administrator)

    Axonius recently partnered with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to explore how last year’s rapid shift to remote work impacted IT complexity and reshaped cybersecurity priorities.

    To better understand the pandemic's impact on IT complexity, the resulting visibility challenges, and changes in post-pandemic priorities, we put together a suite of content — including:

    • [REPORT] Cybersecurity Asset Management Trends 2021: How the Rapid Shift to Remote Work Impacted IT Complexity and Post-pandemic Security Priorities — annual global survey of IT and security professionals
    • [ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] New Research Reveals Post-Pandemic IT and Security Challenges
    • [BLOG] Report: 4 Key Factors Driving IT Complexity
    • [BLOG] Report: The Pandemic’s Impact on IT Complexity, Security Priorities
    • [VIDEO] How the Rapid Shift to Remote Work Impacted IT Complexity & Post-Pandemic Security Priorities

  • June 23, 2021 7:20 PM | Mangaya Sivagnanam (Administrator)

    Learn more about "How Avant Mastered Cybersecurity Asset Management With Axonius"

    Rapid organizational growth often brings along operational challenges — especially when it comes to cybersecurity asset management.

    This was the case for the security team at Avant, a financial technology company that offers a full array of digital banking products to middle income U.S. consumers. As their business scaled, gaining visibility into a multitude of services and IT assets quickly became a challenge for Avant’s security team.

    As Jared Gray, senior manager of security operations at Avant, put it: the security team was “spending way too much time... gathering information, [and] understanding host information and user information.” 

    As Avant’s IT environment got more complex, the security team quickly realized:

    • Their existing manual processes for asset inventory couldn’t keep up
    • They lacked insight into where the gaps in their inventory and processes were
    • Actions like policy enforcement suffered from a data-poor, manual approach
    • It was hard to glean everything needed to aid incident response investigations

    • Gaining Visibility Into Assets With Axonius

      The immediate value-add that Axonius brought to the Avant team was simple: centralized, accurate, and comprehensive data on their environment. 

      The Axonius cybersecurity asset management platform offered an unprecedented amount of visibility into Avant’s services and IT assets, backed by unparalleled flexibility and service.

      Axonius enabled Avant to:

      At the same time, Gray’s team has carried the benefits of the Axonius cybersecurity asset management platform into unexpected areas, including compliance and PCI requirements, audit workflows, and more.

  • April 01, 2021 8:19 AM | Mangaya Sivagnanam (Administrator)

    One year ago, the world turned upside down. If anyone would have told us that everything around us was going to pivot and become 100 percent work from home overnight, we would never have believed it. People are resilient though. History has shown us that in tough times, often comes great innovation.

    As cybersecurity professionals, we do a lot of “thankless” work. When we are unsuccessful, we quickly become inundated with complaints, but when we’re successful, nobody around us thinks about what we do. To be healthy and successful in this industry, it is important for us to take opportunities like this to reflect on how much we achieved over the previous 12 months.

    One year ago, hundreds of millions of people around the world immediately and unexpectedly started working from home instead of their offices. This required a drastic change to account for all the transitions that resulted from that shift.

    •   Large quantities of data flowed in different directions
    •  Corporate VPNs needed to be upgraded
    •  Capital improvement projects at Company HQ's greatly slowed
    •  Priorities in IT infrastructure projects quickly changed
    •  Home routers became a larger consideration within corporate networks
    • Home Office setups for employees became larger considerations for workforce productivity goals
    •  Increased mitigation of new network threats that target remote workers

    For many of us, we also shifted away from networking events, client lunches, trade shows with expert speakers and booths giving away really cool branded socks, to Zoom Meetings and learning how to interact effectively in a virtual setting.

    Then we learned about Zoom Bombing and everyone, especially in security circles, got a quick lesson in virtual platform security. Zoom had to rapidly fix the problem or lose out on the golden opportunity of this moment. Microsoft Teams rapidly developed new features and integrations, Google scrambled to make its Meet platform robust enough to share the public load. Several other players in the video streaming business also reached to secure market share. All of this so we could keep doing meetings with our coworkers, clients and prospects.

    We all tried our best to do everything we’d been doing before, but we quickly learned that “Zoom fatigue” and pandemic fatigue are very real things. So as organizations, we adjusted yet again, we shortened our events and tried to come up with new and engaging ways to use technology to stay both relevant, creative, and secure.

    It’s the people in our field who helped make that possible. We helped people successfully transition into entirely new methods of work, learn and implement new software, and feel less anxious about all the changes going on in their lives. Many of us worked on entirely new projects and initiatives we had never worked on before and were asked to be successful within unprecedented timelines.

    People are resilient, and it has never been on more wide-scale display than over the past year. Watching thousands of people across the country shift to remote-work environments, and helping them quickly adapt to the need for relevant security training and content, has emphasized the collective strength of our industry.

    Yes, there were extra hours, extra stress, and extra challenging demands, but we rose to meet them, and we showed our best. When looking back over the last 12 months, we can all be proud of the quick adjustments made throughout our industry. We have found new and creative ways to stay engaged and productive, and because of our own resilience, hundreds of millions of others are more secure. Together we are poised to thrive in the year ahead. 

    Tyler Olson, Founder of SHYLD Cybersecurity Academy and Professional Speaker, is an award-winning serial entrepreneur in several technology fields. He not only brings well-rounded exposure from all sectors of technology including Cyber Security, Social Media, and Data Analytics, but his deep passion for helping people learn and interactive speaking style ensures audiences of any level leave his presentations with new insights



    Tyler Olson, Founder of SHYLD Cybersecurity Academy and Professional Speaker, is an award-winning serial entrepreneur in several technology fields. He not only brings well-rounded exposure from all sectors of technology including Cyber Security, Social Media, and Data Analytics, but his deep passion for helping people learn and interactive speaking style ensures audiences of any level leave his presentations with new insights

    Tim Herman is a Cyber Security Outreach Advisor for Norwich University Applied Research Institutes (NUARI) helping  companies and organizations build resiliency in Cyber Security and Emergency Preparedness through customized table top to full scale exercises. Tim serves on the CSS 2021 Think Tank, Serves as Event Director and Sponsorship Coordinator on the Board of MNISSA.org, and Board Member and Program Chair of InfraGard MN.

  • October 16, 2020 11:00 AM | Mangaya Sivagnanam (Administrator)

    MNISSA Sponsor Event

    Zero Visibility. Even Less Control

    A discussion on how to deal with the challenges of managing third-party vendor cyber risk.

    No business leaves the back door open at night. Yet companies often use third-party service providers without checking their security and privacy measures. And when these providers have their own third-party service providers, risk multiplies.

    So, even if you have robust security measures across your network and systems, your assets – trade secrets, IP, personal data, business data, reputation, even – can be low-hanging fruit for a cyber-attack. Join us for a conversation on the challenges and strategies of managing supply chain and third-party vendor risks, including:

    • Defining a comprehensive approach to addressing and managing a sustainable vendor risk program
    • Typical issues such as inconsistent ongoing monitoring of vendors, security and risk considered too late in procurement process, lack of risk visibility across vendor landscape, and communication to the C-suite and Board 
    This expert panel of security and risk specialists will be moderated by Graeme Payne, former Senior Vice President and CIO of Global Corporate Platforms at Equifax and author of The New Era of Cybersecurity Breaches available on Amazon. Click here to learn more about Graeme and his 30+ years of consulting and management experience. NOTE: we are offering attendees a free 2-hour Vendor Risk Consulting Workshop (a $1,600 value) with our experts to discuss ways to optimize your current vendor cyber risk process.

    Register now to reserve your spot!

  • August 07, 2020 9:47 AM | Mangaya Sivagnanam (Administrator)
  • November 19, 2019 12:16 PM | Ryan Sather (Administrator)

    In support of Cyber Security Awareness month we have a special discount for you to join or renew your membership in ISSA!

    Click on the applicable button below and put code CYB$30 in the Lead Source field.  Be sure to select the Minnesota Chapter when joining.  This should bring your total annual membership cost down to $85 (ISSA and Chapter dues are normally $115 combined).

    This offer expires October 31st, 2019 so don’t delay!

    Renewals will simply add 12 months to the end of your membership term, so if you’re only partway into your year, take advantage of this offer!

    If you have any issues please reach out to Ranae Moore via email at vp@mnissa.org or feel free to stop by our booth next week at the Cyber Security Summit!

  • November 19, 2019 12:15 PM | Ryan Sather (Administrator)

    The votes have been cast, the results have been tallied and verified and we have results to announce!  The elected officers will start their terms once transition plans have been finalized; for the time being they can be reached at their current email addresses.

    This does create a vacancy at Secretary so we are seeking volunteers!  In addition to Secretary we also have other open positions.  Please check out the About Us page for current openings and let us know if you are interested!

    President: Ryan Sather

    President: Ryan Sather

    Treasurer: Candace Morse

    Treasurer: Candace Morse

  • November 19, 2019 12:14 PM | Ryan Sather (Administrator)

    We’re excited to welcome Core Security as a new chapter sponsor at the Gold level!

    Core Security provides organizations with critical, actionable insight and context about who, how, and what is vulnerable in their IT environment. Streamline security and safeguard critical data and assets with access management and vulnerability identification.

    Sponsors like these directly impact the local security community by helping our chapter close the gap between our resources and our mission, making it possible for us to hold chapter meetings and provide other valuable resources and events.

    Please take a few moments to review their website or approach them for a discussion at our next meeting. You could find something valuable to you or simply increase your knowledge about the latest trends, tools and techniques in our industry.

  • November 19, 2019 12:10 PM | Ryan Sather (Administrator)

    We are at the mid-point of our elections process.  In 2019 we are electing a new President and Treasurer.  Nominees were submitted by other members and vetted by the Elections Committee.  Please take time to review their bios and if you are an active member you will be able to place your vote between Aug 27 and Sep 9.  Watch for an email from ElectionBuddy on Aug 27, if you do not receive one, reach out to elections@mnissa.org for help.



    Candidate for President: Ryan Sather

    Relevant Experience:  I have served on the board for a number of years, first as the Technology Director and currently as Treasurer.  As a current member of the board I have had an integral role in the success of the chapter over the past several years which is in no small part a result of our extraordinary membership.  As Technology Director I relaunched the chapter’s web presence, back end management systems and continue to help with the vision forward.  As Treasurer I worked to ensure that the right financial controls were put in place and strengthened for the betterment of the chapter which allows the chapter to be able to put on a high-value program for the members.

    Goals for the Chapter:  As President my goals are to continue to promote the information security community in the Twin Cities, improve member engagement, deliver more value for your membership (and sponsorships) while continuing to build upon the work we have been doing the past few years.  The aim is to create the destination of choice for Security Professionals in the Twin Cities both by building our program but also by engaging with and partnering with the other local organizations, conferences and colleges where a partnership creates value for both parties.  Along the way we should expect that these efforts will grow membership and keep us in the running annually for International Chapter of the Year.  I am eager to listen to all feedback and work to implement what we can to build a stronger Minnesota Chapter of ISSA together.




    Candidate for Treasurer: Candace Morse

    Relevant Experience: I have six years’ experience serving as Secretary on the existing Board. During this time to present, I assist with overall leadership of the chapter, support the President and other executive members in achieving the membership and chapter goals. During my tenure, we’ve earned recognition from the National ISSA as “Chapter of the Year.”

    Goals for the Chapter: While continuing to be an advocate of our great chapter, I would work with the other executive team members on desired goals relative to the Treasurer responsibilities and take the necessary steps to achieve. I would work to develop and refine processes and associated procedures related to Treasurer responsibilities.

  • November 19, 2019 12:10 PM | Ryan Sather (Administrator)

    Our Elections process is now open, In 2019 we are electing a new President and Treasurer.  Any member in good standing may nominate another member in good standing.  Self-nominations are not allowed. 

    Nominees will be accepted until August 9, 2019.

    Please submit nominees here:

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