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How Avant Mastered Cybersecurity Asset Management With Axonius

June 23, 2021 7:20 PM | Mangaya Sivagnanam (Administrator)

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Rapid organizational growth often brings along operational challenges — especially when it comes to cybersecurity asset management.

This was the case for the security team at Avant, a financial technology company that offers a full array of digital banking products to middle income U.S. consumers. As their business scaled, gaining visibility into a multitude of services and IT assets quickly became a challenge for Avant’s security team.

As Jared Gray, senior manager of security operations at Avant, put it: the security team was “spending way too much time... gathering information, [and] understanding host information and user information.” 

As Avant’s IT environment got more complex, the security team quickly realized:

  • Their existing manual processes for asset inventory couldn’t keep up
  • They lacked insight into where the gaps in their inventory and processes were
  • Actions like policy enforcement suffered from a data-poor, manual approach
  • It was hard to glean everything needed to aid incident response investigations

  • Gaining Visibility Into Assets With Axonius

    The immediate value-add that Axonius brought to the Avant team was simple: centralized, accurate, and comprehensive data on their environment. 

    The Axonius cybersecurity asset management platform offered an unprecedented amount of visibility into Avant’s services and IT assets, backed by unparalleled flexibility and service.

    Axonius enabled Avant to:

    At the same time, Gray’s team has carried the benefits of the Axonius cybersecurity asset management platform into unexpected areas, including compliance and PCI requirements, audit workflows, and more.

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